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"I have had the fortunate honor to have been associated with Joe Creegan both professionally and personally for 22 years.

 I am so impressed with Joe that I asked him to be part of some of the largest and most important initiatives that my companies have ever undertaken. Joe has the credibility and ability to communicate at an incredibly high level with owners, brand executives, but be every bit as effective with hourly line staff personnel.  

 Joe's training style is very much a "point for the head and story for the heart" kind of communicator.  He takes his knowledge of being able to personality partner and then meld it into the point/story method that is so effective….mainly because Joe's intentions are filled with integrity and care for whoever he is addressing.

 Joe has loads of practical experience and without having to recite his resume is quite adept at getting across the fact that he is a seasoned business veteran with the heart and drive of someone incredibly passionate about what he does.  If you were to go to a business war, you would want Joe on your side".    

Don Farrell, Chief Cultivating Officer, Fresh Revenues 

“I have known Joe since the early days of Residence Inn when he was VP of Operations and have engaged his service in multiple projects, subsequent to his leaving Marriott and starting his own consulting practice. 

His ability to:  motivate, communicate, and train staff under extremely difficult circumstances; i.e. conversions, plant rehabs, and re-branding, have made him a reliable resource to our company for over 25 years.

His integrity and delivery of results are what keep his number on our speed dial.  I would recommend him without hesitation.”

Ron Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Landcom Hospitality Management, Inc.

“Working with Joe is always a productive and positive learning experience both professionally and personally for all involved. In addition to his vast knowledge base re: coaching and employee consultations, his natural empathy bolstered by his intuitive grasp on why people do what they do is unique and unrivaled.  I highly recommend his in-depth analyses via the Pro-Hospitality Profile tool in his repertoire. And oh, by the way, Joe is as trustworthy and genuine an individual as I have met in my 40 years in the workplace.”

Ed Iannarella, President, Stonehenge Consulting Group 

“Joe is incredible! His ability to listen and break down what I’m actually going through in simple terms has opened up my eyes to better handle situations in my life.  I know many people can live their entire life without a coach like Joe, but for me he’s helped changed and shape my next steps to handle all situations with care.  My life has dramatically improved on a personal and professional level with Joe’s services. My stress level has decreased tremendously due to his gift of providing the true meaning behind the meaning.  With highest recommendation, Joe will help guide you to live a balanced and fulfilling life.”

Sara Sayasane, MBA
Managing Director

Panyha Foundation

Joe helps Northpointe with personality assessments, HR, recruiting, etc.  You can see some of Joe’s credentials on www.northph.com  Primarily, Joe assists Northpointe with the assimilation of staff and management at the hotel and corporate level.  Simply put, Joe evaluates the predictability of whether certain personality types will be compatible in a work environment under all types of situations.  (stressed/non-stressed)  He has been invaluable to our management – helping managers keep things in perspective whilst achieving a harmonious work environment.

Greg Winey, President & CEO

North Pointe Hospitality Management