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Welcome to "Profit With People", consultants in Interpersonal and Organizational Development and specialists in the Hospitality Industry since 1990. Hello, my name is Joe Creegan, OD Consultant and Coach.  

I share your frustration when:

·        You spend thousands of dollars on training and get no results; or short term   results at best

·       You spend countless hours coaching, directing, and communicating only to have fall on deaf ears

 ·        You spend money on rewards and incentives and get little return on your investment

Yet, more often than not, nothing changes; there’s a brick wall and time and money are lost.

Why is that?

We’re focusing on everything but the thinking process.  How we think determines how we behave.  How we behave determines our results.

HOSPITALITY, more than any other business, has to focus on people to make a profit.  

“The question is: on WHAT do we focus?”

Looking into the human mind is like looking into an abyss.

If we can get clear on our thinking we can fix the problem

I want to convince you that your dollars are better spent focusing on what people think and why they think the way they do before you invest in training or personality profiles.

My service, and some proprietary instruments, can:

Improve your bottom line (Guarantee 8 times your coaching investment or your money back!)

Reduce turnover by 30% or more! (Turnover can cost you 2 x's the persons salary and more!)

Help you make better hiring decisions

Improve communications throughout your organization

Help you make better management decisions

Develop happier employees

Have more satisfied guests

Put the right people in the right places

Want proof?  Here is what clients are saying:

“Through his in depth skills with the Pro Hospitality Profile and unique intuitive ability to decipher individuals, Joe has a great ability to connect with others. His keen insight into the inner workings of people enables him to break down what makes them tick.  This information is extremely valuable in developing plans of action, coaching, mentoring and assisting teams in achieving their goals.  I would highly recommend his services.”  Esther Gayfield, COO, Veritas Hospitality Group.  

“I have worked with Joe Creegan on multiple properties and I witnessed his hands on approach and positive coaching environment improved, guest service, employee morale and ultimately bottom line profits.”  Keith Space, President & CEO, Boutique Hospitality Managment

More Testimonials click here

More for your money

We all want more from our people and from our financial investment.       

 .       Do you want better compliance? 

 ·       Do you want a creative problem solver?

 ·       Do you want more efficient delivery and execution?

·       Do you want happy guests and employees?

Of course you do; those are rhetorical questions.  To learn how we can make that happen, go to: “How It Works”

Sound Complicated?

It can be, but we take the mystery out of it and let the science do the work.  How? With the Pro-Hospitality Profile.

Call to arrange a free consultation.  It may be the most profitable call you've ever made.  727-422-3095.  Or, use the Contact button to send an email.  We'll call you back.