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Hi, my name is Joe Creegan, President since 1990.  More than 20 years in the hotel business and 8 years corporate America has taught me one very critical fact: knowing where you're going is one thing, knowing who will get you there is another.

I've had the good fortune to work with companies like Carnation, Baxter Travenol, Hilton, Sheraton, & Marriott.  As a coach and consultant, nothing is more rewarding to me than to see employees happy and successful; knowing they are contributing to the bottom line.

My passion to better understand what makes hotel companies successful was driven by my experience with Residence Inn.  I had the privilege of joining RI in the early stages of development (1985) which led to an exciting career culminating with VP of Operations for Residence Inn by Marriott just two years later.

The acquisition (of Residence Inn) by Marriott in 1987 fueled my desire to become a student of "organizational behavior" and the role culture plays in a company's success.

After years of research and  consulting  with companies big & small, it always came down to the "people": how they felt about the company they worked for and how management felt about them.

My mentor and college professor in graduate school, Bill Buys, PhD., Western Michigan University, said it the most succinctly: "people operate at the feeling level".

He was right.  And once I uncovered the secrets (and found the tools) of how those successful cultures were born, my course was set. 

I've felt honored to have had clients like; Forbes Hamilton, Signature World Wide & their clients Hampton Inn, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, Choice Brand hotels, Public Storage, and other small to medium sized companies too numerous to mention, where I have consulted or performed training.

By luck or blessing I've associated and learned from the best.  My greatest reward is helping your business achieve its objectives and your people maximize their potential. 

After visiting my web site call or email for an appointment to discuss your company's needs.  I'm here to help.  727-422-3095 or email: Joe@ProfitWithPeople.com