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The Pro-Hospitality Profile

Exclusive to the Hospitality Industry and the only one of its kind. 

Want to know if you are making the right hiring decision? 

On the fence about whether you need to replace an employee? 

Will you get a return on your training investment?

Get answers to these questions and more.

The Pro-Business Profile

Want to know if your candidate or employee has an aptitude for business?

Are they capable of making "balanced" decisions?

What are their biases?  How will it impact their performance?

What is their leadership and management style?

Find out with the Pro-Business Profile


Perhaps you find yourself struggling with the same results and don't know why.

Perhaps your relationships aren't what you want them to be.

Perhaps you haven't fulfilled your potential, or even feel like you're on the right path.

Perhaps your stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out.

Take an X-Ray of your thought processes and learn how to maximize your strengths; become aware of your bias patterns and how they affect your life.

Pro-Sales Profile

Want to know if the candidate you are hiring is really cut out for sales?

Is it true: sales people are born not made?  If that's the case, are you wasting money training the wrong person?

What key values do successful people embrace that make them winners in sales?

Will the sales person who can "sell you" they are right for the job, actually DO the job?

If you know how they think you'll have insight to what even they don't know about themselves

All surveys can be taken by clicking on:  http://profile.dynamicsofthinking.com/TestTaker/User/ClientLogin.aspx and enter the username and password provided to you.

Do not have a logIn? Want to learn more about these profiles and how they can help you and your organization?  Contact us at Joe@ProfitWithPeople.com   or call: 727-422-3095